Quilt Preparation Instructions

Quilt Top

  • Make sure the quilt top is trimmed to its final size before it arrives with me.  After the quilting process is finished, I will trim the excess batting and backing up to the edge of the quilt top and return the excess material unless requested otherwise.
  • Press the entire quilt flat to prevent bubbles or wrinkles.
  • Make sure the top is square and straight (including borders).
  • Trim loose threads.
  • Remove any extra pins, buttons, loose fabric, etc.
  • Mark the top of your quilt if not obvious (pin a note to the top).
  • If your quilt does not have a border, you should “stay stitch” about 1/8 inch around the edge of your entire quilt to prevent the seams from pulling apart. This will be hidden once your binding is added to the quilt.

Quilt Backing

  • Backing fabric must be 5 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides. This is very important for the quilting process. For example, if your quilt top is 40” x 60”, then the backing should be 50” x 70”.
  • Remove the selvages from the backing to prevent uneven stretching during the quilting process.
  • Use quality quilting material for your backing.


  • I will supply high quality Hobbs 80/20 batting in natural and black colors.
  • To prevent issues with the long arm quilting machine, I can only use the batting I provide.  See the price sheet for more information.


  • Place your quilt and backing fabric in a sealed plastic bag to help prevent damage in case the box gets wet or torn during shipping. (A large Zip Lock bag or a strong trash bag with a twist tie will work great)
  • I recommend that you ship your quilt using the appropriately sized Flat Rate Priority boxes.  The boxes are available for free at the US Post Office.
  • You are responsible for the shipping charges to send the quilt to me.
  • I will use a Flat Rate Priority box to return the quilt to you and include the charges with your final invoice.
  • Do Not label “Quilt” anywhere on your box.  This is to help prevent theft.
  • Include a copy of your estimate, or at a minimum your Name, Address, Phone number, and Email Address when you ship your quilt. I will notify you when I receive your quilt and I will notify you when I have sent it back to you.
  • Please call me at 214-991-8943 for the shipping address. We will also discuss the quilting design, payment methods, and any other special instructions during the call.